Inspection Services

We are a multi discipline Inspection Services company specialising in Inspection and Compliance. We offer these services across many industries

Inspection, Compliance & Surveillance services within:

Oil & Gas Construction / Maintenance & Operations
Mining & Mineral Industries
Utilities (Electrical Supply Industry, Water Infrastructure)
Renewables Industry
General Construction (Domestic, Commercial, Industrial);
Agricultural Industry
Government Department (State Emergency Services, Local Councils etc)

Inspection, Compliance & Surveillance Services

Hazardous Area

  • Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas, Inspections
  • Hazardous Area Audits
  • Installations & Rectifications
  • Dossier Compilation & Audits

Electrical, Instrumentation & HVAC

  • Electrical & Instrumentation Equipment Inspections
  • Cable Testing & Inspection (ELV, LV, MV & HV)
  • MV & HV Installation Audits
  • Process Tubing Installation / Inspection, Pressure Testing & Rectification Works
  • Installations & Rectifications
  • HVAC Installation Inspections
  • Utility Asset Infrastructure Inspections
  • Pole Integrity Inspections

Piping & Mechanical

  • Flange Management
  • Rotating Equipment
  • Pressure Testing


  • Welding Inspections
  • Welding Traceability
  • Weld Database Management
  • Pressure Vessel Inspection, Compliance & Certification

Paintings & Coatings

  • Coating Integrity
  • Holiday Testing

Factory Acceptance Tests, Module Yard Inspections & Site Acceptance Tests

  • Our services are a bundled package for clients requiring acceptance testing of packaged equipment being brought into Australia. Bundles includes all flights, accommodation, inspections to Australian / International Standards and project site specific specifications including detailed reporting and MDR review prior to equipment release.

Renewables Industry (Solar, Wind)

  • Design Reviews & Installation Inspections
  • FLIR (Thermal Imagery) inspections (Inspections carried out via use of both Drones with FLIR camera mounted & hand held FLIR cameras)
  • Battery Installation Inspections

Commercial Drone Inspection Operations

Scrutinize Inspection Services have CASA accredited experienced pilots with RePl licenses as well as the company holds a Remote Operator Certificate endorsed by CASA to allow us to operate outside standard operating procedures.

Drone technology combined with Scrutinize Asset Inspection Software will provide pilot operated & fully automated asset inspections using state of the art camera & FLIR equipment, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to allow for asset / fault recognition and cataloguing. Industries for drone inspection services include:

  • Utilities (Power, Water & Telecommunications)
  • Oil & Gas Construction, Maintenance & Operations
  • Domestic & Commercial Construction
  • Renewable Energy Industry (Solar, Wind)
  • Agricultural (Fence line, Waters, Stock Inspections)

Commercial Drone Surveillance Operations

  • Pipeline Surveillance
  • Security Surveillance
  • Agricultural Industry
  • Government Bodies (SES Search & Rescue, Local Councils, Police)
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